Tree Pod

A cedar-clad, low-impact ball of quirkiness, suspended in the air between two trees.

It’s spherical, it’s sustainable and it’s suspended from strong cables 3m above the ground, with a ceiling window to watch the stars at night. Scale a sturdy wooden staircase to reach your bedroom in the trees, with just the owls for company. Clad in cedar shingles the lightweight structure was ingeniously built both to minimise impact on the trees and to withstand unimaginable weights, with design inspiration taken from early zeppelin engineering, so both you and the woodland are in safe hands! The wood burner makes it suitable for stays year round. 

When the sun's out, open up the double-glazed window to give panoramic views through the trees and down over the river. Although it’s very impressive, the treehouse itself is only the start of your woodland adventure.running through your woodland camp is a babbling river complete with stepping stones, if you’re really quiet, you might get to see a kingfisher diving over the water and the nearby meadow is great for a game of frisbee or just a leisurely picnic. Below the tent is a kitchen hut, a fire circle, and there’s even a riverside living ‘room’ in an afternoon suntrap 20m away. 

As if a hanging globe for a bedroom, a river to fish in and 20 acres of woodland and meadow weren't enough, you're in a great place to sample all that North Cornwall has to offer. Go looking for the beast of Bodmin, or head down to the sea - you're just a half hour drive from the coast and the sandy beaches at Looe. 


"Short answer YES! Put it down to things like the peace and quiet, the unusual exclusivity, the quirky design etc. the fire pit and the running stream provided a varied temperature throughout the stay which although sounds like an odd thing to say, that kind of sensation really makes you feel alive...... like raindrops on your face. Obviously in our case it was the warmth of the fire on our faces and the cold water travelling up our legs as we paddled deeper into the stream :)" Jemma

We really enjoyed our stay dispite the relentless rain. The treepod was perfectly equipped for everything we needed from wood to light the fires, to small touches like the tea lights and board games.

06/01/2017  Lisa

It was an amazing space in an amazing location! Really enjoyed our weekend away!

31/03/2017 Charlotte